"Dejo a los varios porvenires, no a todos, mi jardín de senderos que se bifurcan"

[I leave to the various futures, not to all, my garden of forking paths]

(Jorge Luis Borges)


Hola, I am Carlos!

I am a postdoctoral researcher in Janet Conrad's group at MIT working on the IceCube Neutrino Observatory. My work currently focuses on discovering new neutrino phenomena using atmospheric and astrophysical neutrino data. In addition to my work in IceCube, I also study particle physics phenomenology and global fits to the neutrino oscillation data.


My experience is rooted in data analysis, computational techniques, statistical methods (recently with a Bayesian twist), neutrino phenomenology, ultra high-energy QCD, and high energy (astro)particle physics. I am also a honorary fellow at the Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center (WIPAC).

Basic information

I was born in a very loving family in Lima, Perú. My father is also named Carlos and my mother is called Sarisa (short for Sara Isabel). I have two great younger brothers: Alonso and Sebastian. My brother Alonso is working on his PhD in chemistry at Ann Arbor, Michigan; check him out here. My other brother Sebas just graduated from anthropology and is trying to figure out how to make the World a better place.


Other relevant information. Double espresso with no sugar or milk. Red wine over white: both very dry. I like to reread Borges and a cute book from Neruda. Fan of Isaac Asimov. Star Trek and Star Wars are both amazing. Love seafood, but only if very fresh. Peruvian food is great: try it! C++11 to paint large frames, Python for fast sketching, and Mathematica when I am on a laid-back mood. Always use Oxford comma. Movies and Netflix series lover. VIM enthusiast.

Latest selected publications

Neutrino Interferometry for High-Precision Tests of Lorentz Symmetry with IceCube

IceCube Collaboration


High-energy neutrino attenuation in the Earth and its associated uncertainties

A. C. Vincent (UCL), C.A. Argüelles (MIT), and A. Kheirandish (UW-Madison)
Submitted to JCAP, preprint@arXiv:1706.09895


Solar Atmospheric Neutrinos and the Sensitivity Floor for Solar Dark Matter Annihilation Searches

C.A. Argüelles (MIT), G. de Wasseige (VUB), A. Fedynitchc (KIT), and B.J.P. Jones (UTA)
JCAP 1707 (2017) no.07, 024, preprint@arXiv:1703.07798.


Imaging Galactic Dark Matter with High-Energy Cosmic Neutrinos

C.A. Argüelles (MIT), A. Kheirandish (UW-Madison), and A. C. Vincent (UCL)
Phys. Rev. Lett. (2017), preprint@arXiv:1703.00451.


First Constraints on the Complete Neutrino Mixing Matrix with a Sterile Neutrino

G.H. Collin (MIT), C.A. Argüelles (MIT), J.M. Conrad (MIT), and M.H. Shaevitz (Columbia)

Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 221801 (2016), preprint@arXiv:1607.00011.

Where am I?
Where next? When?
IceCube collaboration spring meeting at Berlin 10/02/17 to 10/07/17
Conrad group Big Meeting at Boston 10/08/17 to 10/13/17
Seminar at MIT Laboratory of Nuclear Science 11/07/17 to 11/08/17
Seminar at Wayne State 11/16/17 to 11/18/17